29 March 2011

I Fell Asleep During the Junos (Again)

I tried to stay up and
Watch all the Junos so
I would not miss anything
Neil Young might do.

Shania Twain was there too.
Cannot keep my favourite country cunt
Away from a Juno ceremony.

I fell asleep but
Not until after a few bands
Sang some of Neil's songs.

Funny how his songs
Lend themselves
So well
To the female voice.


bewlay said...

Dude, the Juno's were so bad it provided a new definiton for crap. The key categories they omitted from broadcast was beyond ridiculous.
The segways were 100% too long and too stupid, and the thing had way too many commercials. The talent broadcasted was weak (exception Joni mitchell covered by Sarah Harmer...excellent!)and even Arcade Fire perfomed below par...final analysis; cheese factor 10/10 another futile exercise in nepotism...ack!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My music listening and related information gathering has gotten so eclectic that I had never heard of Drake, who hosted the Junos. Never.

I find myself enjoyng Joni's music more and more. Anybody trying to sing her stuff is taking a big risk. Harmer cashed that bet.

istvan said...

Joni Joni,we had an 8track on the boat,heading for the jungles to fish for spring salmon in the late 60's.I wanted to jump ship at Lund and hitchhike to woodstock.The tape was A Song To A Seagull.You went, I didn't.God bless you Joni.