16 March 2011

Change At the Top

Politicians come and go. We have a new fuckhead in charge of our province now. She is promising all kinds of crap and giving enthusiastic hand jobs to anybody she thinks might vote for her. Too bad I will not get a turn.

I have lived through a great many such changes in political leadership. Instead of getting better, like dope has over the years, our political leadership has gotten worse. Compare Diefenbaker with Harper, for example. Harper looks like some sort of glue sniffing overaged altar boy compared to the Chief.

Same goes for the Liberals and NDP. Ignatieff might just be the worst political leader in all of history. I am pretty sure he is one of those guys who did not do much dope in college. Layton gets off easy because he reminds everybody of the nice uncle who supplied them with beer and dirty stories at family parties.

At the provincial level it is even worse. No Dave Barretts or Amor de Cosmos for people to choose amongst. In so many other fields we have grown more accomplished; in politics we have only grown more rot.

No matter who gets elected Canada saunters on, just as Japan sauntered on before the great quake, the politicians of no more import to the nation than a hummingbird tucked beneath a southbound goose's feathers. Changing governments does not change one fuck of a lot.

You cannot expect much of them, but, if you must vote, consider this approach: only vote for people you think Jack Munroe would like. Could be he likes British Columbia's newest Premier. I kind of fucking doubt it.


uniplmr1 said...

You have inspired me. I am going to mail some glue up to the Senate building in Washington with instructions and we'll keep an eye on Boehner to see if he takes the bait. The old Testors and Gilbeys cocktail rides again.

istvan said...

Fuck Monroe,he sold us out in '86 and the fat pig did the same thing with solidarity.I saw a picture of him in the paper a few years ago on his new decker and guess what colour it was?Baby blue,the bull of the woods union Jack on a baby blue harly.How cool is that?We made him rich Beer!Now I hope that there will be something left when I retire.

istvan said...

And also I just read that Osweley was killed in a car crash.The man made some good acid.R.I.P.