19 February 2011

President Trump

Was just watching Piers Morgan interviewing Donald Trump. Looks as if Trump wants the fucking White House. Good to know. And why not? Who needs grass roots real live political support when you have lots of cash? Then again, President Trump does have a nice ring to it.

Turns out the motherfucker has the same political ideas about the Chinese I do. But even if the Chinese do one day take over the world and fuck us all over so good we will look back fondly on all our Great Leaders, they will just end up fat, stoned, soft and compassless as us in time. Then the Hindoos will probably get their turn. After that it is anybody's guess.


istvan said...

Fuck the capitalist bald headed asshole.Beer , he hates you and me.He can do more than the chinese to bugger us up.FTW.

ib said...

Trump has apparently now availed himself of a large slice of my homeland. With the full blessing of local government. Well. After big business silenced any opposition.

As for his Scottish roots. Look no farther than the combover.

uniplmr1 said...

It must be some kind of a joke. Because he's a joke. Probably has a mechanical pecker that doubles as a adding machine. Or a slot machine handle. Ivana pulls it and money comes out of his ass. I might vote for him though, why not? Does he have a dog? I'm only voting for dog lovers now.