22 January 2011

More of What We Do Not Like

Generally, we do not support the RCMP as much as we used to. Not near as much. This shift of support just might be the most significant political change in our lifetime. And the most unexpected. The government knows this too but are negotiating a new long term policing servicing contract with the RCMP anyhow. The government never has any trouble giving us more of what we do not like. It is the very essence of democracy.

Used to be the RCMP would fuck up and we would give them the benefit of the doubt. Yes they would fuck up now and then but overall we were happy with the service provided. Nobody said much if something went wrong and if they did speak up nobody listened.

Now when a cop gets out of line witnesses brandishing cell phone cameras rush to come forward and previous victims of the out of line cop come forward in solidarity with their tales of police brutality. The hand held video camera has been one of the catalysts for our lack of confidence in the RCMP. But so too were the $100,000 dollar payment to serial killer Clifford Olsen; the lengthy prostitute killing spree of Willy Picton; and the enduring embarrassment of the free as a bird surviving Air India bombers. 

Not much to it really: we do not want our country's laws to be enforced with so little regard to public safety. Is that too much to ask?

I think we just might be better served if we replaced the RCMP with our own provincial unit. That does not look like it is going to happen in my lifetime and that is too bad because it is going to take some fixing for the RCMP to get back in the good books of the people of Canada and that is too bad because when the people do not respect the police you know what you have got then: Anarchy, my friends.

Let it rock.


istvan said...

Beer when I was growing up in Ditchmond the RCMP looked after us local kids.They made us pour out our beer,dumped our pot on the road,then told us to go home.Things have changed.

uniplmr1 said...

My life included six months as a laborer on a "Cat Crew" setting up these giant tractor tired, 14" piped, water spewing, circle irrigation motherfuckers and since we were working out of Eastern Washington,our work ranged us up into Alberta a couple of times and BC once. We were hard working but we were also four cowboys and a half hippie thug from South Boston and we drank and fought and fucked around our way in Canada the same as we would have if we got sent to Brazil. The point is, the "Mounties" never really fucked with us. They made us go away, separated the combatants in the barroom ruckuses and whacked people around a little bit, but they never arrested anyone I saw. I'm sorry to hear they've changed. Once they drove us back to our motel and asked us why we were such assholes when we came up there, then came and got us in the morning and took us back to the trucks we left behind the night before. Really swell cops. Too bad the turned into republicans.

Anonymous said...

Until they got 'narks'they were well respected.I had three friends that got two less a day for one joint or one tab.