7 December 2010

Lloyd Rees' Last Shot

Lloyd Rees had not updated his photography site since his first post after he settled into an old dear's home so I got snoopy and discovered he is gone. His fine photos of Newfoundland you can find on my sidebar. His last one, that of a pair of jays outside his new window, the unfocused background, so typical of his magic island, still does not seem sad despite Lloyd's circumstances. Think he meant it that way. Those Newfs are some gutsy. I never knew Lloyd, just like I do not know most of you, but I liked him just the same. Like Steve Earle likes to say: see you on the other side, motherfucker.


ib said...

Oh shit. I looked in on Lloyd's site after you first brought it my attention. I liked his photographs alright, but they did not stir much in the way of commentary.

I doubt Lloyd would have given a fuck. Maybe he was gone, even then.

Between his "Last Shot" and your poem on the missing dog, I find myself with a mild case of the blues. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My own father, another son of Newfoundland, is not in the best of health himself. I too find myself a little bluesy. A shot or two ought to fix that.