21 December 2010

Keep the Chaos in Christmas

I am trying not to think about Christmas. It is not easy when you are as fond of chaos as I am. The world is pretty fucking orderly for 353 days. Love it or hate it: that's life, that's what it is. Eat, shit, work, eat, work, shit, eat, work, eat, work, drink, sleep. The Twelve Days of Christmas, on the other hand, are chaos. Vomit, eat, beershit, drink, eat, drink, beershit, eat, drink, drink, drink, sleep. Let's keep the chaos in Christmas.

As an Anarchist I am fonder of order than most people. Anarchy is order, motherfuckers. Order is important but not important enough to take a break from it whenever you can, especially, here in the northern hemisphere, during the suicidal end of the year.

Sonja and I enjoyed a little quiet chaos on the couch after we had set up and decorated our tree on Sunday night. We watched The Runaways. Not a bad rock 'n' roll movie look at five girls who caused their share of chaos around the world.

I have seen a couple thousand rock shows in my life I guess. Do not remember more than a handful. One of them was the Runaways. England youth took to them early. The sixteen year old cunts could out-rock Led Zeppelin for fuck's sake.

Much of the hype around the movie was about the lesbian bits. It is all soft porn kiss-kiss lesbianism so do not go renting the movie if you think you are going to see some good grinding and strap-on action.

I liked the movie a lot. If the Dope City Free Press was one of those porn sites you are usually looking at I would give it two big creamy dicks up.  

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