6 December 2010


Off on holiday now. Motherfucking Mexico. Had to learn to use the new internet gadget before I left. Making shit simple enough nowadays even a dumb as stone man like me catches on quick.

Like the beer here, even if you have to drink forty of them to catch a buzz.

Sonja and I shared our corner of the plane with a boy of four and a half. Kid was something else. Did not even fart the whole way down. Helped Sonja fix her earphones. Did not try and drink our booze when we were not looking. Wants to be Spiderman when he grows up. Told us all about his pet fish. Poor little fuck must live in an apartment.

Too bad when he grows up he will be an asshole taking a cheap holiday in a misery heavy drug war zone like everybody else.


mollymew said...

Party decorations at Ciudad Juarez ????

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hallowe'en Party. In Mexico every day is the Day of the Dead.