11 November 2010

Up Your Ass Saskatchewan Blues

My Screamin' White Jefferson cd came in the mail. "blues a comin' on" it is called. The only other cds I have ever bought on the internet were from and signed by Penelope Houston. See, I have this thing for punk rock women who look like they ought to be on a roller derby team, which is most of them. Too bad Screamin' White Jefferson could not have signed the new cd. He might still be alive and screamin' somewhere but I kind of doubt it.

"blues a-comin on" is about as old as me. Until today I had only heard it once before on the radio. Back in the days before Anne Murray got her punk rock grandma hair style.

When I saw it with the mail I grabbed the Hammer and we went for a drive to where the sun would warm us for half an hour before going down. I pushed the cd into the car player and let Screamin' White Jefferson make me all happy with his up your ass Saskatchewan blues.

Up your ass Saskatchewan blues. Any further description is unneeded. Is it ever going to sound holly jolly at my Hockey family's annual Christmas Shitface. You want the raw source of Canadian rock 'n' roll? You want what Neil Young flirted with on Rust Never Sleeps? It is right here for only ten bucks from Happy Puppy Records.


uniplmr1 said...

I'm getting it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Your neighbours will be pleased. Your wife, on the other hand, may get the confirmation she has been expecting: your blog can only lead to trouble.