6 November 2010

Screaming White Jefferson

I have never bought and will likely never buy a download of music, I will stick with records and the occasional cd, but I thought it was my patriotic duty to bring this download opportunity to your attention. Happy Puppy Records has re-released Screaming White Jefferson's "blues a-comin on" available as an mp3 only.

I heard this whole record played once on the CBC. It blew my fucking mind. It is the best, most fucked up, blues record ever made and is the only old record that, if added to my collection, would make me happy as Anne Murray on a golf course with Bobby Orr.

I tried to buy a copy of the record and an 8-track from Void Records, who last distributed it out of an empties cluttered basement in Winnipeg, but they had vanished by the time I made my request. All I have is "Gin Pig," Saskatchewan's very own "Anarchy in the U.K." burned onto a cd or two.

Some of the best music ever recorded is often desribed as raw. You do not get any closer to the source than this, motherfuckers.

Click the above headline for the link to Happy Puppy Records and more details.


uniplmr1 said...

Great. Outstanding. I never heard of him before. Thanks for the motherfuckin' tip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dope City - thanks for the mention... I've just recently updated the page to mention that SWJ is also available as a CD-R purchase for those who don't like downloads.

Thanks again,
~Lee R.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sounds good to a gin pig like me Lee.

Anonymous said...

Is it April already?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yes, Screamin' White Jefferson is the work of an employee of Canada's nayional radio broadcaster with a large imagination, a more serious driking habit than my own and a a great admiration of Saskatchewan blues and their bountiful lobster fishery.

I would still rather listen to Screamin' White Jefferson than the radio show he hosts weekday mornings.