13 November 2010

Happy Birthday Charles Manson You Crazy Motherfucker

In case you have forgotten,
Is Charles Manson's birthday.
Believe he is 77.
Doubt I will live that long.

Charlie was Fuck up #1.
There are no conspiracy theories
About the CIA being the masterminds
Of the murders he was involved with.
I hate to see any man die in prison.

Free Charles Manson is what I say.
I want to see him sing on David Letterman.
I want to see him interviewed by Oprah.
I want to see Charles die out in the desert,
Stoned on LSD, free as a crazy man can be.


uniplmr1 said...

Poor Charlie. Too bad he's a homicidal raper drug guy. He's a born leader, an icon in the prison system, greatly admired by many other homicidal raper drug guys who lacked his organizational skills. The bennies? Keep it up and you're going to run out too quick. Aw fuck it, there's no stopping now, I understand completely. You can get more.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

He's been inside for over forty years. Let the man out to make another record. Failing that, he would be the perfect vice-presidential candidate for the Palin ticket.

mollymew said...

No doubt he is the perfect small government man, especially in regards to law enforcement. manson for VP !