31 October 2010

Three Shout Outs

For just about as long as I have had a computer I have been enjoying the photographs of Newfoundland's Lloyd Rees. He has had some health trouble and is now enjoying life in a place where his needs are assisted. I have added Lloyd's website to my Fellow Motherfuckers sidebar should you care to give him, and his magic province, a visit.

Tim, a friend of longtime Dope City Free Press reader and contributor Jon from the streets of Santa Rosa, began Poop in the Pipes, just yesterday. Poop in the Pipes looks so promising I too have made Tim a Fellow Motherfucker.

I do not like to clutter up the link sidebar. I really ought to drop that corporate whore Miss 604 from the list. So too the Horse's Ass Pub, she only just posts often enough for me not to do so and she is a true American hockey fan so I cut her some slack. Plus, I wish this site were named the Horse's Ass Free Press.

At this time I would also like to suggest you visit The Vintagent and check his post on Hunter S. Thompson he wrote at the beginning of September. I missed it when it first appeared. I would be an entirely different person without the indifferent speed of a motorcycle between my thighs and Hunter's free words in my hands.


ib said...

Well. Thanks for the tip regards Lloyd. And Poop in the Pipes; an inevitable affliction affecting many a vintagent , it occurs to me, not least myself.

Actually. It's been something I've been meaning to get checked out for some time now. Thus far I've passed on it.

uniplmr1 said...

I'M a motherfucker now. Hot motherfuckin' damn. I'm honored to be recognized, at last, for my true inner beauty. Hardly anyone else knows yet though, I' ll break it to them slow so no one gets too upset.