11 January 2010

Wine, Food, Fire, Radio

First weekend of a New Year

Shopping for wine
Shopping for food
Opening the wine
Opening the food

Drinking the wine
Cooking the food
So many addictions
So little time

Bringing the wood in
Lighting a fire
Watching the flames
Adjusting the dry maple
So it burns like Neil Casady

Turning on the radio
Listening to the night music
Listening to the Gibson guitar
Listening to the midnight voices
From Knoxville, Tennessee

The alcohol began to effect us all
From Dope City to Lookout Mountain
It all ended with Bing Crosby singing a song
Finished my wine
Turned off the radio

Climbed under the covers
And dreamed about the
Motherfucking Underwear Bomber
Sometimes all the
Good wine
Good food
Good fire
Good radio

Cannot erase the white fear of
A black man with a bomb in his pants

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