23 January 2010

At Least Michael Jackson is Dead

Sonja tried to interest me in the Haiti telethon tonight. I resisted, just about all the artists were crap. If BTO was on I might have watched a little. Instead we get a bunch of bitches with less talent than waistline and a bunch of goofs I would not pay a dime to see under any circumstances.

"What happened to the man who used to give a shit about humanity?" Sonja asked. "What happened to the man who cared about the people no one else cared about?"

Beats the fuck out of me. I believe in building shit that lasts. Nothing anybody has built, figuratively and literally, in the last few centuries in Haiti was built to last and I do not think Celine Fucking Dion, Bill Fucking Clinton, George Motherfucking Bush or any of the rest of the Superstar Assholes are going to change the pattern of history we all ought to know by heart now. We get told things are changing for the better but things are not changing for the better.

Think I will just have me another beer like any other Friday night. It is sad, what is happening in Haiti, but it is not any sadder than what is happening in a lot of places in this world.

On the bright side, at least Michael Jackson is dead.


Nazz Nomad said...

as horrible as a theory this might be; nature is just thinning out the herd.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

In Canada, the suicide rate amongst Indian youth is of earthquake proportion. Where is the Celine Dion Telethon for that?

In Britain, pubs are closing every day. Again, no Telethon.

I just think it is a little odd how we respond to the Dramatic but not the metronomic Every Day.

ib said...

Well. at least Heather Mills has now arrived in Port-au-Prince to lend a hand. If not a foot up.

We can all sleep a little easier at night knowing that the travelling circus have arrived in town.

Bandathon ? Is that what they're calling it now.