12 December 2009

Don't Let It End Like This. Tell Them That I Said Something.

Up here in Canada I get called various things. "Hey, Beersy!" is pretty common. At work it is usually, "Come here, you dirty old cocksucker!" If I had any fucking French friends they would call me, "Monsieur Biere." Luckily for me I have no French friends.

Down in Mexico I only get called one thing. "Hey Pancho!" Everybody down there calls me that due to my uncanny resemblance to one of my favourite revolutionaries, the most celebrated of all Mexicans, Pancho Villa.

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ib said...

Now wait a minute. Is their some ulterior motive in choosing that most handsome of revolutionary motherfuckers as an avatar ?

Or. Could it be I'm thinking of Sancho Panza ?

Nah. It was definitely J.J. Burnell who sprang to mind... You Franco lovin' dilettante, you.

wv = repulti