11 October 2009

Thanksgiving Message To the World

Four reasons why you should go see the big roller derby movie Whip It.

1. You love roller derby girls. They are like puppies.

2. Ellen Page will remind you so much of Andi.

3. Ellen Page wearing a Zenith t-shirt while reminding you of Andi.

4. You get to see a Squealer get eaten.

For Thanksgiving this year I would like to give thanks to all the roller derby girls I got to see this year; also I would like to give thanks to all the beer workers for keeping me off-balance all year yet again; and I would like to thank everyone hard at work on preparing Dope City to host this winter's Olympic Games: fuck the police snooping under every bed for anti-Olympic criminal activity; fuck the cost overruns and the corruption; we are going to get so shitfaced.


Gazetteer said...

You know....

I was wondering why this post took so long to appear.



Wasn't Rita J. a Bay Area Bomber who roamed the boards at the Cow Palace circa 1964?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Motherfucker has Oscar written all over it.

You have a picture of Rita J?