24 October 2009

Drink Beer and Watch Television

I have started watching Jay Leno on Friday nights. I remember Jay from when he was a regular guest on Letterman's late night show. I never missed Letterman when I was working nights. He wore a Harley t-shirt most of the time. Sonja says, "He's old and fat," but I do not care. Jay is a symbol of America after all, as old and as fat a country as has ever existed on our dope crazy planet.

Last night Michelle Obama was on. She was good looking, funny and a teeny bit regal. That is one Show Business Nation down there. Maybe that is why America gave us the taser: the inventors knew it would look cool seeing someone (preferably a black someone) being tasered on the big screen. Zap-pow!

Can you imagine Canada's Prime Minister's wife doing a comedy bit on late night national television? Do you even know what the Prime Minister's wife's name is? I sure as fuck do not. I could see her telling a little off colour joke about Indians at a Cowichan Terrorist Knitting Bee but that's about it.

Pretty soon Michelle and her Leader of the Once Free World husband will be in Dope City to attend the most stoned Olympics in history. You will see them on your television. It is going to be smoking. The Obamas will be smiling all the fucking time except for when Canada kicks their old, fat American ass in the cold, hard light of day.


Jon said...

Take a fucking number. The world is lining up to kick our fat, old ass. We may go down in history as the biggest but shortest empire since Alexander of Macedonia.

Can you get me a discount on one of those Cowichan sweaters? They look warm. Good for old people.

Nazz Nomad said...

Maggie Trudeau.