27 August 2009

The People My Dog Does Not Like

Bought some blueberries and jubilee corn from a farmer's roadside stand after work today. I sure do appreciate the work the farmers and their underpaid Mexican labour put into providing us all with good wholesome food. It will not be long until the fall rains come and the farmers close up their stands, watch television and fuck the dog all winter long.

The Hammer watched me buying the blueberries and corn from the car. The Hammer does not like Mexicans or Hindoos so she was growling at them out the window. I was the only white man in sight. The girl who took my money asked, "Nice dog?" "Oh yeah, she's a nice dog. She just doesn't like farmers," I told her. None of my dogs have liked Hindoos. When I used to rent a house from one he had to throw small stones at the front window from the road when he wanted his rent money. One time the landlord asked me, "Why doesn't Strangler like me? I see everybody else petting her but she wants to kill me." "She just doesn't like landlords," I lied. I guess the Mexicans look pretty much the same as a Hindoo to a dog.

From the farm stand my dog and I headed to the dusty green mountains. I am ok with things ending but I sure do wish this summer was endless.

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Frankiecon said...

I came across this tonight.Is this place close to you?