8 July 2009

Michael Jackson Special Breakfast

Ma was adjusting the rabbit ears on top of a small colour television when I showed up for breakfast this morning. Never saw a television in Ma's coffee shop before so I asked her, "What's up with the tv?"

"What you think Beer?" she asked back. "You think I bring it in watch Bugs Bunny - Roadrunner? Today Michael Jackson memorial. I watch it if I can." Instead of pouring me a cup of coffee she returned to her rabbit ear adjusting. I poured my own coffee.

"You want to tell your old man I'll have the Michael Jackson special breakfast this morning instead of my usual," I asked Ma.

"What Michael Jackson special breakfast you talk about?" she asked back.

"Same as my usual except with little weiners in a white sauce instead of bacon."

"You funny Beer," Ma sneered. "You no know what Michael Jackson mean to me and Wang." Wang is her husband's name. He was already looking for some little weiners in the back of the big cooler. "When we first go on date together and Wang try kiss me Michael Jackson singing Beat It on radio. I slap Wang on face. Nobody kiss me first date. Two date later I let him try again. No slap that time - just tickle!"

Wang looked up from the grill when Ma said tickle and smiled so big he just about straightened out his crooked teeth. Then he said something to Ma in their fatherland's tongue. Ma did not say anything back. She just smiled and went back to work on her rabbit ears.

"What did he say Ma?" I asked.

"He say Beer say one more thing bad about Michael Jackson he eat ball for breakfast."


ib said...

"little weiners in a white sauce..."

A lot of bottle in that one, Beer. Fucking funny, though. I like it.

Frankiecon said...

Been a while Mr.

Glad I came back. My grin is as wide as Wang's