25 July 2009

Look At These!

Sonja and I decided we would eat out tonight. I had a few beer while she prettied herself up and had a couple glasses of red. Once I had a few I took the Hammer for a stroll. Saw my neighbour who lost his old lady some time ago with a new old lady going for a walk. He is a good man but a good man never stays that way for long without a good old lady. They were enjoying their walk but you could tell they were just taking a breather from fucking the living daylights out of one another.

My neighbour asked me, "Sawmill shut down yet Beer?"

I told him, "Any day now."

Sonja and I were still unsure of where we were going to eat as we drove away from our house. Our indecision reminded Sonja of a rhyme from her youth in Sliverville. "Chinese? Japanese? Look at these!"

It was not until we were waiting for our drinks at the Look At These! restaurant that I realized we were the only white people in the joint. Everybody but us were babbling at each other like motorheads from another planet. They clinked their glasses and acted like asses and clinked their glasses some more. The motherfuckers were just as Canadian as us.

We got the fuck out of there before the shooting started.

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