12 June 2009

Urban Rabbit

The Hammer startled a rabbit in the woods. The rabbit had been sitting motionless, hoping not to be detected, until my dog's nose got too close. The rabbit took off - straight at me. When the rabbit saw me his eyes bugged out like road kill. He slammed on the brakes like James Dean. Then he veered off as the Hammer closed in, too late, in full drool. You have to admire city rabbits and their survival skills.
I saw a baby rabbit last week. It was sitting in the shade of a parking lot shrub twitching his baby rabbit nose. He is going to be one street smart rabbit when he grows up.
None of my dogs have ever caught a rabbit. Biggest thing any of them got in their jaws, that was not already dead, was an opossum and the opossum survived by playing dead and escaping when my dog left his kill unattended.

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