21 June 2009

Moist Yellow

Lots of times we ate
Soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

Mom would make toast and
Cut it up into 3/4" strips to dip
In the moist yellow.

She called them witch's fingers.

One time mom burned the toast
She made the witch's fingers from.

I said, "Those aren't witch's fingers.
Those are Skinny Minnie Miller's fingers."


TCRG said...

We called them "Horses' necks" in my family. Or "little soldiers". I prefer the derby reference, myself...

ib said...

We called them toast soldiers. Fuck knows why. Except maybe because they were laid out in a line. On the plate.

I far prefer witch's fingers. Or even skinny Minnie Miller's fingers; although they're maybe too much of a mouthful.