6 May 2009


I was thinking about travel today
When it occurred to me
I have never travelled first class.

I guess that makes me
A second class motherfucker.


ib said...

Me too. Although once, when I was about fifteen or sixteen, I did manage to travel 1st class on an overnight train to London on a 2nd Class ticket.

Me, a friend, and two female acquaintances breached an empty compartment, unscrewed the light bulbs and paired off in the luggage racks. The nylon mesh made for a fairly sturdy makeshift hammock.

Or good fortune did not last us the entire journey, sadly. We were ushered out by an irate ticket collector somewhere over the border with colourful threats of police intervention at the next station.

Alas. I don't believe there are any trains still running with such potential.

mollymew said...

I wonder if I've ever KNOWN anybody who travelled first class. I probably have, but no names come to mind.
Then of course, there's travelling by the dog-Greyhound. "Class" in that case boils down to closeness to the crapper.