9 April 2009

Bus Rider Blues

I used to take the bus. That was when I was really fucking wasted. I saw a lot of weird shit on the bus but I am not sure I remember any of it. When I think of the bus I see the cover of the Subhumans' first album.

Sometimes people get hassled on the bus. That did not happen much to me. My defence was looking like I might vomit at any moment. I had a bench seat to myself lots of times on crowded buses, sometimes the whole back row.

I only remember one bus driver from my bus days, though I talked to a great many. Talking to a bus driver is like visiting your sick uncle in the insane asylum. Now it is probably illegal to talk to a bus driver. He drove the last bus that went by the mills at night. He liked to drink wine by the glass. Socially. I drank mine by the bottle. Socially. We were a couple of fucking Socialists.

After I bought my first car I never saw that bus driver again or any of the demented people you see looking out dirty bus windows at the same fucking shit day after day.

I do not mind paying for the buses and trains that compete for space on the road with everybody else. People have a right to get around without spending all their beer money on taxis.


mollymew said...

Is it my sick sense of the world or is the bus driver really a dead ringer for the Terminator with long hair ?

ib said...

Yes. The bus driver there is living proof that engaging in public travel while under the influence of psychoactive substances is a procedure fraught with peril.