13 March 2009

Just About Got Busted

Just about got busted by the city Pet Patrol. If I had not been tipped off by a fellow dog owner, a guy I have shared a flask guzzle or two with in the past, the Pet Patrol would have nicked me. The Hammer was off her leash again.

Fucking government assholes. I should have known a leash enforcement campaign would be undertaken by my local fucking government this spring. Another enforcement officer warned me while he would continue to look the other way when it came to big friendly dogs like the Hammer, there would be others wielding their hammer before long.

I kept walking when I was warned they were behind me. Walking fast. Government fuckers are nearly all too lazy to actually chase down anybody. They like to take their fucking time, which explains why my city is run by gangs instead of weird religious people now.

I waited until I thought the Pet Patrol would be going for lunch before returning to my car and made sure they saw me walking my dog on her leash from a safe distance, like the obedient motherfucker I am, as they made their way back to their Pet Patrol car. I had avoided having to listen to them and their bullshit. The less time you spend on this Earth listening to government motherfuckers the better.


Jon said...

You're just jealous. You know there's something about a man in an ill fitting polyester uniform.

Laila said...

You are such a bad ass , Beer. Flaunting authority like you do...

This post made me laugh so hard.I can just picture you being so obedient.