23 March 2009

Ice Beer

Sonja and I were driving down Closed Down Sawmill Ave. today. Traffic was heavy, we rolled along at a junkie's pace. Dog was in the back. Windows were rolled down. War was playing in the cd player. You heard of Blackbeard? Well nowadays I am Blackbeer it seems like.

We were feeling pretty fucking good. Wine and beer will do that to you. I leaned towards the volume control and turned it up to gangster, louder than the shithead teenager who lives down the street from you plays music in his car before he goes out and caps somebody's ass. There were a lot of people on the street. They looked at us to see who the loud fucking assholes were. Sonja was mortified. She hates it when I act like a teenager when she is around. When I go a little goofy Sonja usually says, "You need to spend more time with your buddies."

War sounded suspiciously like rap music cranked up real high like that. Like really good rap music. For less than a minute I was Ice Motherfucking Beer. That will do.

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Jon said...

Ice Ice baby