9 March 2009

The Fastest Bar in Town

Hunky Z told a cool story over dinner on the weekend.

"Dad did the same thing whenever he rolled a new car into the driveway. He would go buy a new windshield washer reservoir to replace the soapy one the car came with. Then he finessed the new windshield wash sprayers through the car's firewall to where he could conveniently reach them. Dad used to be all about ergonomics. After that he filled the reservoir with booze. He would steal the booze down in the States and then smuggle it across the line. That is the only thing he never got caught at."

If you have ever wondered just when you might be starting to drink a little too much keep an eye out for when you start dispensing liquor from your car's windshield wiper reservoir into the cabin of your car. Do not wait until you start injecting your booze or pouring it into your ass to acknowledge you just might be fucked up baby.

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