27 March 2009

Animal Lover

One of the fun things I get to do here at the Dope City Free Press is record reviews. Last week I bought The Residents new double album. It is called Animal Lover. Do not do a bunch of mushrooms and listen to this record. In fact I would avoid The Residents and mushrooms altogether if I were you.


Jon said...

Speaking of animals, I see the Canadian seal hunt has resumed. This is one of the few times when Canada gets a mention in our local press.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The seal hunt is under a lot of international pressure. We may have to start advertising it as an extreme sport if it is to survive. "Come to Canada! Be a man! Kill a seal like a real Canadian!"

Jon said...

I enjoy getting huffy and announcing, "My Great Grandfather was a seal hunter! You don't know what those guys go through!"

I'm serious about this, I'm sorry those cops got killed in Oakland, however, I'd rather get sentimental about the manly virtues of the seal hunt than get all dewy eyed about the "heroes" who rule Oakland.

Do the two topics have much in common? Not much that I can think of except a barrage of media telling me what my emotions should be.

Would it be OK to skip the mushrooms, but listen to Animal Lover while seal hunting?

ib said...

The imbibing of mushrooms prior to listening to The Residents is a prerequisite, while large repeat doses are entirely discretionary.

I suggest that anyone coming up on mushrooms for the first time expose themself to "Blue Rosebuds" - from "Duck Stab" - bubbling just out of earshot.

wv = reiver.