7 February 2009

What You Want For Lunch

Ma sat down across from me as I was drinking my third cup of coffee and counting down the minutes before I had to head into the mill. She had an old days story for me. I love it when people tell me old days stories. Her story took place about the same time Shithead was pissing off the stage onto people.

"I was not in Canada too long. I was still learning English when I went McDonald order lunch. I tell white boy behind the counter I want hamburger, small fry and cock - large cock please. He say pardon. I say hamburger, small fry, large cock. Then I say word large again because white boy cannot understand. He say pardon again so next I say it louder and slower so he understand for sure. HAMBURGER, SMALL FRY, LARGE COCK."

Ma laughed so hard when she finished her story her silicon titties just about jumped onto the table. My work day went pretty good with that story in my memory.

1 comment:

Gazetteer said...

Don't know about the size...

But Mr. Keithly apparently really had arc.