10 February 2009

Watch What You Do Not Ask For

"I didn't ask
For sunshine
And I got
World War Three."

Bought the Sex Pistols'
Never Mind the Bollocks
Documentary on the weekend.

Got it on right now.

Were '76 and The Jubilee a riot.

Spinning those evil 45s in my bedroom.

Singing on the terraces on the weekend.

Drinking everything in sight.


Laila said...

This photo clearly demonstrates why most women love men in kilts...

Always wanted to see an entire marching bands encounter a stiff wind that blows all their kilts up at the same time... hehe.

laila said...

Just realized why I like your blog so much.

Back in PG in the mid to late 70's,when I was a kid,I used to hang out with my uncle Steffan in the back of his party van.Black old school van,big back wheels,burgandy velvet interior with dingle balls and everything. He always wore these cool shades and a leather jacket,and had these sideburns like no-one else could wear.
We listened to Deep Purple Machine Head, AC/DC,all these great 8 tracks,and he would always put on Roxy Roller for me to dance to while he smoked cigars and drank whiskey.He's tell me how life was and why you should always have fun and how he would beat up any guy who bugged me.He was my favorite person on the entire earth growing up.

He died when I was 10, after standing up in a boat to take a piss, in the middle of the night, drunk, in Babine Lake. He had been working in Bullmoose mine up there.He and his buddies would go party in the bost at night to blow off steam.

They never found him - the lake is too cold and deep.
I got his coveted portable 8 track player and his 8 track collection. Loved it then and still do.

Anyways,you remind me of him when you write.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That's a swell story Laila. I'll do just about anything but I won't stand up in a boat to piss.

As for the photo - Paulie always had a cute ass.

ib said...

I'm all right, beer. Hope you're all right too.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am overjoyed by the commencement of the one year countdown to the 2010 Dope City Winter Olympic Games. Scotland is going down motherfuckers!

ib said...

We'll see, Beer, we'll see!

Gazetteer said...


I can walk to the new rink where Scotland will go down as they constantly throw hack-weight.....

(just don't know if I'll be able to actually, you know, get in)