10 January 2009

Straight To Your Head

I like to drink
I know people who have
Mainlined alcohol
I have heard of people
Who pour alcohol
Into their ass
It goes straight to your head
Think I will stick to drinking


mollymew said...

Beer I have just solved your financial problems. If the layoffs go on too long how about you set yourself up as a "Doctor of Naturopathy' (ND) with a
"'secret formula for detoxification" ie a vodka enema. It is, after all, a totally unregulated industry.
"Dr. Beer's hidden and long hidden secret from the traditional people of Siberia. Totally Natural and guaranteed."
At the beginning your set-up costs would involve only a storefront rent, a metal table, a few rubber hoses, a plastic funnel, a big pot to boil the hoses in, a mop to clean up the messes and several 26s of vodka. If business wasn't good you could spend your time on "inventory".
As business grew due to 'word of mouth and the other end"- because your customers always limped away with a smile on their faces- you could consider hiring employees who actually enjoyed that sort of thing. Sit back and collect lots of filthy lucre.
It may seem like a shitty job, but it seems to be a winner for an economic development grant. Better than some that have been granted. The taxpayer might as well take it in the ass honestly.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The job description you so thoughtfully contribute sounds similar to that of a public relations man. If I made pouring liquor into your ass a religious belief I could even avoid paying taxes on the store front. "Drink thee in thy ass the Liquor of Christ."