7 January 2009

Last Stop of the Old Blue Bus

Back when I was first learning how to use a computer I stumbled upon a blog called the Old Blue Bus. The driver, bud by the name of Ed, had posted a little something about Link Wray after Wray had taken his final bow. I left a brief comment signed with a spur of the moment name which soon became my alter ego, my avatar - Mr. Beer N. Hockey.

Ed is a little older than me so it was natural to relate to the man as if he were an older brother with an even cooler record collection than the one I have taking up all my house's valuable shelf space. As a result of Ed's influence I now turn up the radio whenever I hear a little bluegrass when I am out swerving around in my old car.

Thanks Ed. I mean it, man.

Guess there will come a day the Dope City Free Press will come to an end too. Everything is temporary after all. That day is not in sight yet, motherfuckers.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I, for one, am relieved. And a bluegrass nut, too. Hooray, Ed!