12 January 2009


I was waiting for Sonja
Under the awning outside the Lennox
I wanted to go in for a beer
But I do not like to leave the Hammer
On the street
By herself
When I am in the city
I tied my dog to the pub
Patio's cold steel rail and
Let her greet the vicious
Sea of umbrellas
That will soon greet
The world in the Dope Olympics
Turns out people do not like
Petting a wet dog
Finally somebody stopped
Guy gave my dog a massage
Dug his hands into her muscle
Like he knew what he was doing
The Hammer loved it
When he was done his hands
Were covered with wet fur
He looked at his hands,
Then bent over and washed
His hands in a sidewalk puddle
Later two Chinese young ladies
One of them said,
"Take a picture?"
They wanted their picture
Taken with my wet dog
The Chinese young ladies
Were pretty as a cherry tree's
Pink blossom
If cherry tree's pink blossoms
Had crooked teeth and
Knee high boots
Her shopping done, Sonja asked,
"Anybody stop to pet the Hammer?"
"Just the usual crazy motherfuckers."
If you are from out of town

You are going to have some
Stories to tell
If you come to our village
To see the Dope Olympics

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