31 December 2008

By the Wall

Spent the day in the city. It was a good day. The bars were exceptionally full of people. I felt like I was in Canada. It was the day before New Year's Eve.

For a while there I sat on a bench outside a small business Sonja was patronizing. My dog, who loves the city and its garbage and smells, sat touching me, keeping me warm. Dogs are a few degrees warmer than us. It felt real nice. It was a Berlin moment; it was paradise.

There were five people around me. Two of them were having a smoke as one of their children waited for the two women to feed their addiction. The child was a boy that people call multiply challenged these days. On top of it all he was deaf. Happy little motherfucker he was. Could be he is the happiest human being on the planet. The women were talking about the snow. The boy was wearing new black slacks.

The other two people were a punkrocker in his twenties and a woman probably about my age. Neighbourhood gossip. Who is on crack. Who is having the best parties. Who died. Nothing memorable about their exchange of words until the woman explained to the young man how she got by in this world. "When I get broke I pan'."

Everybody talks like they are bankers these days.

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