24 December 2008

Christmas Eve Beer Piss

Woke 2:30 AM
Beer piss
Looked out the windows
Pet the dog
Went back to sleep

Woke 6:30 AM
Beer piss
Looked out the windows
At a lot of snow
And more falling

Got dressed
Took the dog
To the park
She shooshed through
The dim morning sparkle

Made coffee
Phoned England
Christmas in England
Is magic
The pubs are open

And religious people
Are hard to find


Gazetteer said...

And the Buddha too.

Religious people I mean.

OT, but only kinda/sorta....Lotuslanders in England at Christmas always makes me think of this this.


ib said...

Happy Christmas, Beer. You and Sonja both.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I got my views about religion from Lemmy. It is bad for everybody involved. Once people start thinking that praying does any good they will believe pretty much anything.