5 December 2008

Canadian Statesmanship

One other thing on the Commie Coalition preparing itself to govern us hockey loving, beer guzzling, dope smoking motherfuckers: the negotiations which led to the Coalition's messy birth ought to be recognized for their first rate statesmanlike quality. Not only did the negotiations bring together three political parties, they also brought together two nations. Face it: Canada is two nations; no disrespect to the Haida and Newfoundlanders intended. You do not see a lot of statesmanship these days.

Of course the union is uneasy, unions usually are when they are at the initial handjob stage of the relationship.

Who knows. Perhaps the Coalition will do well for Canada, for Quebec. The odds are against them however because governments have a remarkable way of not getting it right, ever.

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Jon said...

This must be a very big deal in Canada, because it was featured on page 11 of the local paper. It was the most coverage of Canadian politics they've printed all year.