3 December 2008

Canadian Politics

On the question of whether or not the Liberal/New Democrat/Frenchy Coalition (LNDFC) has the right to form the government of Canada: Of course they do. We elect individuals in this country. When they get together back in Ottawa whoever has the most individuals gets to boss around the rest of Canada. If a majority of individuals cannot agree to work together then the custom is to allow the biggest minority to try and govern. If they only hold government together for a very short time the opposition gets a crack at the job if they feel they are up to it. An elected individual is free to support whoever he wants once he gets to Ottawa. Remember Dave Emerson? The whole lot of them could switch over to the Marijuana Party if they wanted to.

Come to think of it, this LNDFC is the dope alternative to the Conservatives. The Liberals have been soft on dope ever since they all started smoking it; the New Democrats regularly caucus around a big huka; and those French motherfuckers can never get enough hash.

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