19 November 2008

The Watcher

Was talking to Curly on the phone tonight.
He just got back from hunting.
Curly and two buddies, enough
Alcohol to raise Rory Gallagher
From the dead

And a dozen firearms,
Not one of them registered.

"After I shot my buck
The doe he was travelling with
Did not run off like they usually do,"
Curly told me.

"She just stood there
Watching us.
About half an hour.

She just stood there and
Watched us gut him.

I ain't having nightmares
Or nothing
But it was kind of unsettling,
Her watching us
Turn her mate into meat."


Andraste said...

I haven't thought about Rory Gallagher in YEARS. Saw him at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston in the early 90's sometime. Can't remember it. Got very drunk.

Me and a girlfriend were about the only women there. We were VERY popular.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I only got to see Rory once. I don't even remember what decade it was. He was fucking brilliant.

I did not hear about Rory's death until after he'd been gone a while. He died young, young enough for me to have now outlived him. That was before I owned, or used, a computer. Now I know if Britney is going commando five minutes after she's dressed.

I would sure like to hear you expand on just how very popular you were that night.