30 November 2008

Sing Along With Beer

It was a typical Sunday morning in my Hockey house. The Hammer roused me from an especially erotic Anne Murray Christmas dream. Anne is still plenty bendy when she is liquored up. After I let the dog out into the soggy splash of the back garden I put on coffee and Anne Murray's Christmas cd.

God damn it that woman can sing!

After that I filled up the dishwasher with beer mugs and peanut bowls, prepared blueberry muffins and sang along with Anne. "Silver Bells! la-la-la!" "Blue Christmas! la-la-la!" "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! la-la-la! la-la-la! la-la-la!"

Sonja was listening from the bedroom. She was wondering how the fuck she ended up with me. Just lucky I guess.

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