24 November 2008


Earth is sure getting crowded.
Even Canada is beginning to notice.
Did you see all the Americans in the streets after everybody was certain Barack Obama would be their President in 2009?
Was there ever a lot of them.
They were like happy dancing bugs.
I sensed a lot of the happy dancing bugs would be fucking for Obama once they got back indoors.
And only about half of America's insects were happy Obama had won.
The rest of them felt like they had been sprayed by a Coloured Communist Exterminator.

I like it when I am some place when there are no people at all.
Heaven must be like that, no people I mean.

I like it when there are just a few people around.
I ran into one today as I walked my dog on the riverbank.
Never seen the man before in my life.
We talked about football and our dogs.
Sometimes I forget about how much I have in common with other people.

I am an insect too.
One of those insects that you find swimming in your beer in the summertime.

I fuck.

I buzz.

I am a happy, dancing, buzz-fucking bug.


Hide said...

"Heaven must be like that, no people I mean.
Yes. On the Yukon River I didn't see people for several weeks...heavenly!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is what I have heard it is like along the Yukon. Long way between liquor stores up there, eh?

Hide said...

The way between the liquor stores is fucking lon. So we took 42 canned beer and 1 bottle of vodka and and one bottle of whisky with us.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Tossed back a six pack loading up the canoes?