3 November 2008

Big Brother is Watching You


Nicole said...

Sat. Nov. 8th...3:30pm MY time....what ya figure????

Nicole said...

ps. Had the nicest Halloween ever...it was + 8 out that night...and for a Friday, really a nice peaceful calm night.

Had 174 Trick'o Treaters in total, but I also get lots of people that have to come by and see Nic....so that explains some of it. I am thinking it's the peach jello filled with mango sour puss that might have something to do with it??? :-p

Life has been good, how bout you?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I figure the Riders will have to beat the best third place team in CFL history if they want drink beer in Calgary again this fall.

All ready for winter here Nic. I have a new pair of rubber boots.

174 kids? The only way I could get that many kids on the Halloween doorstep would be if I was giving out candy flavoured joints.