6 October 2008

Randy Bachman On the Radio

Brewers and the Phillies
On the radio
Whitecaps were crashing
On the beach
Boughs were snapping like
Rotten fingers off trees
Then the power went out
No more baseball
Just beer, wind, rain and
Flickering candles
Until we found the battery powered
Sanyo and decided to fuck baseball
Because Randy Bachman's show was on

The show was dedicated to car songs
Like Rory Gallagher's
Souped Up Ford
Fuck the power
Who needs it when you have

Randy Bachman and Rory Gallagher
Entertaining you on
A battery powered radio?


Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard the start of that same Randy Bachman show. I had forgotten about Rory Gallagher... he was top of the rock heap for awhile back in the day. Souped Up Ford was full tilt... good to hear.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The sadness I feel every time I hear Rory's name is a profound one. I think it was the booze that killed him. I got to see him just once, me and the crew were the only punk rockers at the show, but his music was with me the whole time I was growing up, especially that double live record of his.

Bachman's show is a treat. Usually he plays a lot of stuff I have not heard but last night I had just about every song he played in my collection. Souped Up Ford is an enthusiastic song, my favourite kind.