23 October 2008

Mr. and Mrs. October

"Morning!" shouted my homeless neighbour who was sitting by his good looking girlfriend sharing a pipe load of acrid smoke. The Hammer was already upon them demanding the couple to pet her as affectionately as possible. When all three of them felt better my dog put her head down and raced her imaginary dog buddies across the park.

They are a real nice couple, just the sort of friendly people everybody likes to have as neighbours. They live in the woods with the other homeless people and the animals. They have been there over one year.

When they finished their smoke they got up and walked across the same wet grass my dog and I walk on into their day. I bet they do not care about baseball scores.


ib said...

Well. Better to be homeless in the woods than on the streets. How bad does it get in winter ?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

A lot of trees fall in the woods in the winter when the winds come. The winds will be here soon. That said, it probably is better to be homeless in the woods than in an alley.

ib said...

Ah, Beer. This kind of shit makes me sad. I have been homelesss. On the streets. I wanted Canada to be fairer.

Andraste said...

Brrr...I must be a big pussy, because if I ended up homeless in Canada in the winter I'd kill myself.

A sister needs indoor heating and a fridge and a big TV for hockey.

Call me a bourgeois cow...no, DON'T.

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A canuck ice cream franchise?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Canada used to be more fair, we have been losing our old commie edge for years. Sleeping in the cold is fun when you are gone hunting for a couple weeks. That's about it.