12 September 2008

River's Edge and Other Metaphors

My dog and I were drawn to the river's edge yet again. The Hammer gets very excited when we near the place we park and she gets to run and take a big dog shit in the middle of the wide path. Most of the places I take her have my car crunching over gravel for a ways before we stop. The sound of crunching gravel is my dog's favourite sound. It sounds like what it would sound like to eat a whole cat.

Today my dog got to watch a man doing yoga or some fucking thing. The man was breathing funny and doing his best to bend so far you would think his spine would snap like a twiggy roller derby girl struck by her league's most fearsome blocker. The Hammer woofed at him a couple times before she scooted on by him and ran bewildered down the trail.

The river's edge is full of surprises.

There may not be many salmon to catch but that did not deter a handful of fishermen from trying to land a couple from the precarious safety of their small boats. I watched one guy yell, "OH! HO! HO!" as his rod bent like the yoga guy we had just passed towards the dirty water.

I saw a chipmunk my dog did not see. The chipmunk saw the dog and froze, stared at her, then disappeared faster than a bottle when the foreman gets near.


ib said...

I love rivers. It is always good to near close to a river.

Of course, here in Celtic Scotland, Druids are traditionally associated with pagan settlements built near flowing water, and folklore is steeped in darker pools.

Have you seen the movie, "River's Edge", Beer ? I think Dennis Hopper appeared in a cameo role in it. That film was fairly authentic in the atmosphere it recreated, I've always felt. Sean Penn's "The Indian Runner" was another one.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I rarely watch a movie more than once so it was a long
time ago that I saw and enjoyed "River's Edge." My memory being what it is, the plot is confused in my mind with the plot of "Puff the Magic Dragon." I'll have to ask Sonja if she has seen "Indian Runner." She is the family movie buff. If she hasn't we may just see it soon.

ib said...

Funny. Unless I have confused the plot to "Puff The Magic Dragon" with "The Indian Runner".

I'm not so sure rivers feature heavily in that one, though. A creek, certainly. And plenty of two lane blacktop.

Anyway, it is worth seeing. In it's turn, the central premise was uncannily close to an acid trip I took on a golf course once. In a friend's car with the windows rolled shut. The acid trip came first. Followed by the film some months later.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sonja read up on Indian Runner where she discovered mutual fave Charles Bronson shows up. His late career films were mostly crap which would explain why that one was missed.