3 September 2008

A Beautiful Dress

The more bullshit I am exposed to that has been camouflaged as serious political commentary, the happier I am to to be writing this.

In the park today a dad and several small children joined my dog and I in the park. Soon a neighbour lady and her dog joined the park party. Our dogs played until my dog spotted one of the small children sitting by himself on the grass. She approached him respectfully and then sucked all the snot out of brain. The kid said, "Hey!" and swatted my dog in the head.

I wish my dog could suck the snot out of the brains of those who provide us commentary on politics.

"Isn't that a beautiful dress Michelle is wearing?" is about as good as it got this summer.

1 comment:

ib said...

don't know about the dress, but I do like the painting.