8 July 2008

Taking a Jap Fishing

As the forest industry around here began to choke on its own greedy vomit a good long generation ago, the government, who are never fucking right, encouraged displaced loggers, told to fuck off and die sawmill workers and depressed towns to turn to tourism if they wanted jobs, economic vitality and all that shit. "You'll make more money taking a Jap fishing for a week than you'd make hauling a saw around the bush for a month!"

Now that the gas you pour into your car is about $6 per gallon there do not seem to be all that many tourists about. I never had so much asphalt to myself on a Sunday return drive as I did recently. I wonder how many tourists there will be when gas is $12 per gallon. Will not be long before the furthest any of us will be able to go for a vacation will be how far we think we can make it on a bike.

1 comment:

ib said...

There's only one thing worse than taking a jap fishing if you're a laid-off logger.

And that's being a jap taken fishing by a laid-off logger that wants to spit in your eye.

Fuck all that tourism nonsense. It'll never catch on.