26 May 2008

What was in Grandmother's Purse?

My hierarchy of sweet tastes was shaped with something my grandmother always had in her purse - Lifesavers. Grandmother bought a new pack of Lifesavers just about every day and never bought the same flavour twice in a row until she started to space out in her last years, the years when her tea was more important to her than a gin and tonic.

I liked the tropical fruit Lifesavers the best and I liked the white coconut Lifesavers of the rainbow of tropical fruit flavours the best of them all.

Go Coconuts!


Stephanie in Vcr said...

Well, if she bought them that regularly, you missed out on the important purse-lint aspect.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Any lint stuck to a forgotten pack of Lifesavers in my grandmother's purse would have been half tobacco.