8 May 2008


A coyote ran in front of my car today on the highway. The highway was busy. The coyote had waited until there was a space between the stream of demented commuters just big enough for him to squeeze through. Having made his decision he made his way across the highway at his usual coyote speed. He did not look to see the car to my left just miss him. He knew he was going to make it just like he had made it a thousand times before.


mollymew said...

Hey Beer,
Where did you get the picture ? I grew up in Hicksville Saskatchewan and saw my fair share of coyotes, always from a distance. To be honest I have never come across a dead body of same in my life. They must dissipate into mist when they die.Still...I have NEVER seen a coyote with less visible evidence of mange as the one in the picture. Mostly you start itching from a quarter mile away just from seeing them.Maybe the coyotes out in BC are less skungy than here on the prairies. I won't even get into the state of the foxes. Good thing that tanning kills mites. Ichhh.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Don't remember where the picture came from. I'm not fast enough with a camera to shoot a coyote myself.

Now that you mention it, the coyotes 'round here are mighty well groomed. The one I saw on the highway was a beautiful specimen, a very big, confident looking male. The same highway kills its share of the most successful of wild dogs. Dope City would be even more overrun with rats than it already is without coyotes on the prowl.