31 May 2008


When I was more of a mess than I am now and new to the terrifying drudgery of a shift in the sawmill I dreaded each and every day. Just like I dreaded each day in school before my life of work took form. My favourite years ended when I entered kindergarten. If only I could have kept on riding my tricycle around the teardrop street all summer and skating on the endless sea of ice that was my Canada until the fucking government forced my parents to send me to school to watch the clock above the teacher. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Fuck off!

Now I appreciate the value of a boring day: no fights, no serious injuries and no one fired. That is what I look forward to when the Hammer urges me from my roller derby girl dreams with her cold nose on my drooly face.

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Jon said...

I've become the person I used to hate. I can honestly say that I'm not quite sure what the hell I'd do if I didn't have to go to work and learn to live with other human beings. It's something I never learned at home or in school, not even in various relationships.

When I was a kid I could think of "a million things" I'd be doing if I wasn't forced to work. Basically I meant that I would sleep more and drink beer in the daytime. You know, live life to the fullest.

Now I'm glad I have my little place in the world, and in my world it's not such a small place. I work for the large world famous orange bridge at the mouth of a nearby bay. I don't work for Golden Gate dog grooming, Golden Gate porta potties or Golden Gate gutter cleaning services. Every time you see a picture of that bridge, look closely and you will see a bus crossing the bridge. Look even closer and you'll see me driving the bus. I'll be waving at you.