12 March 2008

What Voting Gets You

My grandma was fond of using words like fiddlesticks, dickens, Heaven's to Betsy and bubbles. Then she retired from her government job and starting using words like fuck, cocksucker, motherfucker and piss.

That is one of the problems with government: what you see is fiddlesticks, dickens, Heavens to Betsy and bubbles but what you get is motherfuckers getting their dick sucked and pissed on by $4,000 whores.


Nicole said...


Anne M. was on the RMR last night! She looked beeeeeUtiful and was very funny. She took Rick golfing and then had him in her dressing room while she warmed up her pipes.

I totally thought of you and would have called! lol

anyhoo....hope life's been good...Spring has sprung here in good ole Vagina....THANK god!!!

Lots of drama going down with my Riders too! Half the team is gone...we want REPEAT, NOT rebuild!!!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Now I am going to watch Mercer re-runs looking for Anne's appearance. Do you people only have one channel or what?

The Lions have a spare quarterback who might look good in green - Wally would probably let him go for two combines and a quarter section.

It is good to hear from you Nic. Be good to yourself.