4 March 2008

His Wife Was Hot

A couple times this past weekend I witnessed near misses at intersections as I made my way around in the old black Caddy. At one of the near misses I had, at a previous intersection wait, looked over at the car whose driver was soon to go sailing through an intersection faster than Stephen Harper can phone his lawyers. I could not see the driver of the black Japanese car but his wife was hot and the young couple had two young children in the backseat.

I drive too fast just as much as the next guy but I am cautious when approaching intersections when the green light is old and there is a car waiting to turn left when the light changes to yellow. That is what riding a motorcycle teaches you if you do not die first.

As I braked I could hear the Japanese car on my left gun his engine from behind me. I thought, "Jesus, you dumb motherfucker," and told Sonja to, "Look the fuck out," as I prepared to grab my first aid bag and see what I could do.

Sure enough the van ahead pulled in front of the speeding car, forcing the risky driver to veer right to avoid the van, which stopped half way through its turn, then left to avoid a pole, the sidewalk and a man with his dog frozen in their tracks.

Bukowski, in one of his brilliant poems, pointed out how the demented actions of people in their cars shows what they are really like. People are fucked up baby.


Blankfrank06 said...

Allow me to introduce myself. I go by Frankiecon. I just read your profile and your most recent post and I swear , we have to be related. First, Hockey. My favorite sport. I'm a NY Ranger die-hard. But since moving out to Calif, It's been hard as hell to keep up. Well that and addiction and prison. Do you remember a player named Nick Fotiu? Your kind of player. I see the pictures of the horses and you also quote Buckowski. Wow.Check out http://frankiecon.blogspot.com/2007/
Also, thanks for the great dvice. Sometimes I expect people to treat me as I treat them. I'm dreaming there. Sorry this was so long. I need an editor.

Jon said...

I see that through the good offices of our mutual friend the gazeteer, we are now pals with Blank Frank, who has an excellent blog. You know, I often think that people aren't shit, but then sometimes they turn around and say or do something so straightforward, uncomplicated and just plain good, that I, for one feel a little embarrassed about my worldly wise cynical horseshit. Which is to say that we are, among other things, our best hope. And on the other post, about your German and Polish neighbors. I had a friend, of Chinese descent. His parents survived the Rape Of Nanking and he was trained to tremble with rage at the very thought of Japanese people. So, one day he finds that his Japanese neighbor seems awfully ordinary and not at all the city raping type. Mind you he has not been touched by any angels at this point. He figures the guy has just got a good front. So, he acts friendly, gets to know the Japanese neighbor and discovers that he is just some guy. He meant to confront him about the Rape of Nanking and all, but he never got around to it. World Peace? any minute now.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Rangers, eh? We'll see how they do when Messier takes over the reigns of the team.

Too bad the new NHL makes it hard for up and coming Nick Fotius to fit in. One who has snuck past the gatekeeper is Lukic over in Boston. He's a good East Ender.

We're all just one big motherfuckin' happy Hockey family.